Every team must have one Designated Team Advisor.

A Designated Team Advisor may advise more than one team from the same school. Each Designated Team Advisor must be either a faculty member or a transactional lawyer with at least five years' experience. The Designated Team Advisor must commit to meeting (in person and/or by conference telephone/video) with the team at least three times to discuss:

  • The Case Statement, Client Interview, and team's questions regarding potential resources,

  • The Draft, and

  • The Mark-up and preparations for the Regional negotiation rounds.The Designated Team Advisor is not required to accompany the Team to the negotiation rounds.

    The Designated Team Advisor will be invited to one optional group conference call to review the Case Statement. This call will give the Designated Team Advisor an opportunity to clarify any issues that have arisen and ask questions about the process.

    Each team will be required to provide the name and a link to the Designated Team Advisor's bio by October 1, 2017.

Please note, that you may register up to three teams, however each team must participate in a different Regional LawMeet.

Each team may consist of up to three members (JD or LLM students); no more than a total of five team representatives may attend the regional negotiation rounds -- 3 student negotiators, 1 advisor, and 1 observer.

Please indicate your preferred Regional LawMeet(s) below. Registration and region assignments will be first come, first served. 

Host school teams must travel to a different region to compete; they may not compete at their home school. Host schools receive a registration fee waiver for a single team. 

The hosts for the 2018 Transactional LawMeets are the following:

Region 1: Widener University Commonwealth Law School (CLOSED- WAITLIST ONLY)

Region 2: Georgetown University Law Center (CLOSED- WAITLIST ONLY)

Region 3: University of Texas School of Law (CLOSED- WAITLIST ONLY)

Region 4: University of Georgia School of Law (CLOSED- WAITLIST ONLY)

Region 5: NSU Shepard Broad College of Law

Region 6: University of Colorado Law School (CLOSED- WAITLIST ONLY)

Region 7: The J. Reuben Clark Law School at Brigham Young University

Region 8: Valparaiso University School of Law (CLOSED- WAITLIST ONLY)

All participating law schools are expected to host a LawMeets® regional competition at least once every four years.  We will select the actual host schools based on their ability to recruit high quality judges, their facilities and location, and other factors.  Not all participating schools will be asked to host, but we believe that all schools that send teams to a LawMeet® should be willing to support the LawMeet® program by offering to host once every four years.  In our experience, the most difficult task for a host school is recruiting qualified judges.

Host schools will receive a registration fee waiver for a single team and a stipend to defray expenses.

In which of the following years are you willing to host a Regional LawMeet?